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Appendix E: New “Error Report” function in front-end

With the upgraded version, Reveal AI now provides an additional function to identify documents that are not indexed successfully by processing. Notice this only works going forward for documents that will be processed using the new version.

After processing, users now have the option to download an “Error Report” from the storybook if the processing has any documents not indexed successfully. This is a CSV file containing document control numbers with a processing status of 92 or 99.

  • 92 = Text size over the limit (10MB), documents with this error will still exist in Reveal AI.

  • 99 = Other errors, documents with this error will not exist in Reveal AI.

Below is a screenshot of where you can find this option added to the front-end as of v2.12 or on the Processing Application for v2.10.

  • Front-End: