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Creating an Assignment

To create an assignment:

  • From your folder contents or search results, navigate to the Review menu, choose Assign.

  • On the Documents pane of the Assign Documents window, you can choose All documents in the current list, a Random selection of documents in your list, a Percentage of the documents in that list, or name a specific number Count of documents. Selecting Random supplies an addition specification for Confidence Level percentage and Margin of Error percentage for randomness of the assignments.

  • Choose Folders to place the assigned batches into either a newly created folder or an existing folder. You may also specify the maximum number of documents per assignment folder, and whether to keep family documents together.

  • Choose Users to assign the documents to a Pool, a Team, or specific Users.

    • Assignment Pool (Self-Assign): Assigns the documents to a general pool from which users from an assigned team will have access via the Manage Batches screen on the review tab.  Users can then self-assign documents as they complete batches.

    • Team: Assigns the documents to a team of users.

    • User: Assigns the amount specified to each user.

    • Select Teams or Users that should see the assignments.

  • Choose Sort to specify a field or fields and the sort order (Ascending or Descending) that should be applied to the assignment.

  • Choose Other to select the appropriate Tag Profile for the reviewers and create a name for the job.

  • Enter a Job Name which the system then submits as a job, rather than tying up your computer. This allows you to do other things while the software batches and assigns your documents.

To see the status of your job go to Jobs in the Flyout Menu and look under Assignments.

Use of the Tag Profile with Assignments

Every assignment must be associated to a Tag Profile. This controls the assignment review progress (reviewed and not reviewed status of the documents).

To associate a Tag Profile to an assignment, select the Tag Profile from the Other tab in the Assign Documents window, before submitting.  If later, you need to change the associated profile you may do so in the Jobs > Assignments screen by clicking the dropdown and selecting Details.