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Reveal Review Publication

Searching by ID Numbers

Reveal offers search by an ID number or TXT file list of numbers. The fields that can be used in the ID Search are set in the field properties. 

ID Search is opened by selecting the number (a/k/a hash or pound) sign in the Search Bar.


Clicking on IDs opens the Refine Search screen to a specific set of identifier options.

  • Select the ID number to use.

  • Click into the value field.

    • Here you may directly enter one or more numbers, or

    • copy and paste a list of ID numbers, or

    • upload a list of ID numbers (generally in a TXT file) to be searched.

    • Click SAVE.

  • Back in the Refine Search screen, select Search All Documents.


See Setting a field as a Search ID to set up a specific field to be used in this search.