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Reveal Review Publication

User Settings - Large Documents

Large Documents defines how to open a large document, as defined by the Project Manager / Administrator according to the network connection(s) used by the review team.


When reviewing large documents a lot of data will need to transfer from Reveal to the Reviewer's browser, which can take valuable time. Addressing a series of proxy statements, for example, may require hundreds of pages worth of PDFs to cross any number of network chokepoints.  

Reveal provides the Large Documents setting to allow the user to decide what might be the most efficient way to open and review such documents.

  • Ask each time is the default, allowing a decision to be made by the Reviewer on opening based upon the nature and provenance of the document.

  • Show Text Set offers more granular alternatives to the default previously selected in Settings - Document View:

    • Native / HTML is usually the default setting; it requires the entire document to be rendered for viewing.

    • Extracted pares the view down to simple text.

    • OCR / Loaded also presents only text, here of previously-loaded optical character recognition results from image content.

    • Transcription takes text derived from audio or video files.

    • Translated presents a translated version of an original language source document.

    • Manual OCR show optical character recognition text rendered using Reveal.

  • Show the Image View opens the document in the Image view, which if loaded previously will open pages in cached fashion; if images were not loaded for the document it will be imaged on the fly and pages presented as their TIFF images are ready.

  • Download and view in native application may save time in navigating a large and complex document or one in a format not readily rendered for page viewing assuming that the Reviewer has such the proper application (for example, Microsoft Project to view an .mpp format file).

  • Large document size threshold [  ] KB (Set to 0 to disable) lets the Reviewer decide (after the Project Manager has set a default for this setting) whether to set a trigger point for determining what should be classified as a large document.

See User Settings for further discussion.