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Reveal Review Publication

Edit Company

Under Company Admin open the Companies tab to view and modify a Company. Select the company (highlighted below) to see available options.


On opening the company link administrators may modify the company's name and logo. 

This screen presents a three-tabbed table so that an administrator can also modify or create clients, projects and users on this page.


The first tab, Clients, lists all clients of the company. Additional Clients may be added to this instance of Reveal. The required pieces of information to create a client are (1) Client Name, (2) Client Number, and (3) Client Company, selected from a picklist. Once created, these values cannot be changed. There are fields below for client address and contact information, as well as Client Notes. The screen focus changes to the Clients tab after creating or editing a client. See Working with Clients for more information.


The second tab, Projects, lists all projects for the company and its clients for viewing, archiving and modification. Opening a Project shows a statistics pane on the right (below the Edit button, where users are assigned, security set and artificial intelligence enabled for the project), a user list (from which users may be selected for removal) and the project archiving tool. See Creating Projects and Creating Project Archives for more information. The screen focus changes to the Projects tab after creating or editing a project.


The third tab, Users, lists all users, active and inactive, configured under the Company. Clicking on any User record enables viewing and editing of the User account and assignments. See Working with Users for more information. The screen focus changes to the Users tab after creating or editing a user.

See Managing Company for details on setting up a Company under Reveal Review Manager.