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Reveal Review Publication

Reveal AI 2.90 Release Notes

(formerly NexLP Story Engine)

May 4, 2021

Near Duplicate Document Detection

Starting from 2.90, Reveal AI is now supporting Near Duplicates detection.

  • Near Duplicate detection is ON by default. User can turn it off by uncheck the "Near duplicate detection" checkbox on Data Source settings page:

  • User can also kick off Near duplicate detection separately as a post process step. This option is available by opening admin section, go to "Rebuild data" page:

  • ThreadViewer now lists "Near duplicate documents" below "Thread diagram". Near duplicate documents and the anchor document will be listed in this section:

SSO Integration w/Keycloak

Starting from 2.90, Reveal AI supports Keycloak SSO integration. Keycloak supports fine-grained authorization policies and is able to combine different access control mechanisms such as OAuth.

Keycloak can be configured and tested in the Keycloak access setup section of Environment setup.

Merge Entities/Move Mentions Improvements

Merge Entities, Move Mentions and Move email address functions have been redesigned in 2.90 and is now pare of the new web framework with API support. The new interface allows mass merge entities and provides flexibility to change the target entity on the same page:

UI Theming/Reveal Color/Dark Mode

Reveal AI 2.90 continues providing seamless integration with Reveal 10.1 platform. In Reveal AI 2.90, the fly-out menu now provides access to various admin functions. Reviewer can also easily switch between dark mode and light mode:

  • Fly-out menu:

  • Dark Mode:

Notification for Processing and Import Jobs

Reveal AI 2.90 expands the email notification feature to not just export, but also import and data processing. Admin users can now set up email notification when kicking off processing and receive alerts when the job finishes or encounters any issues.

Search to Include Family

Reveal AI 2.90 adds additional searching function to allow searching family members in the front-end.

Multilingual BERT Technology

Deep Learning technology that allows us to build models that can be applied out-of-the-box to data in 104 languages. Reveal AI models that are based on MBERT need to be trained in only one language to be able to score documents in any of the supported languages, because the underlying MBERT model was trained on large amounts of data in 104 languages simultaneously and encodes the combined knowledge of these languages.

Misc Changes / Features
  • Option to export Thread Path.

  • Document deletion improvements, Delete of parent without children, auto-kick off reprocessing.

  • Can now completely delete a Storybook, files and database are also deleted.

  • Queue page now shows all results.

  • Introduced advanced COSMIC features that analyze elements of the writing style. These features detect for example, if a communication is particularly wordy, uses causal expressions extensively or tries to avoid certain personal pronouns. These features will be extracted automatically during data processing and will be used as features in the COSMIC AI models.

Issues Addressed
  • STOR-4504 Fix term report for storybook with Relativity® connection

  • STOR-4521 Fixed error with order of deleting EWS data sources

  • SEJ-234 Fixed bug for Relativity® tags

  • STOR-4492 Resolved XSS issue on term report page

  • SEJ-227 Performance improvement for Stability History - Agreement

  • SEJ-222 Performance improvement Reviewer Action

  • Fixing search bar entity search by adding new 'textSearch' entity action

  • STOR-444 Fixed Generate Cosmic vectors error messaging

  • Fixed issues with certain document queries

  • STOR 4321 Resolved potential issue with SQL Connection string usage

  • Resolved potential SQL injection issue

  • SEJ-194 Fixed Office 365 BASIC authentication not working

  • STOR-4094 Use common Date Time Picker throughout application

  • STOR-4136 Fixed model library paging

  • STOR-4246 Improved table usability

  • STOR-4284 Updated Storybook admin form to correctly regenerate security keys

  • STOR-4247 Added storybook filter to tenant dashboard page

  • STOR-4189 Updated Relativity® Tag Export

  • SEJ-142 Fixed Relativity® workspace validation

  • SEJ-141 Fixed edit CSV export report error

  • SEJ-133 Improve Export performance

  • Removed restriction on the connected data sources list

  • Added new Stylometric features

  • Fixes for short segments