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COSMIC groups

This will route the user to the page that allows the user to create, modify and manage COSMIC groups and their settings.


Except for the Package option described below, this COSMIC group functionality is available to the non-admin user as well. See Reveal AI User Guide Section 9. COSMIC (Cognitive Machine Coding) for more details. 

A COSMIC Group - developed in a specific storybook - can be thought of as a deployable COSMIC Model. COSMIC Models are portable packages of knowledge a user can export at a storybook level. At the push of a button, Reveal AI will automatically package and encrypt your AI model from any storybook and allow for utilization of the AI Model in any storybook via the COSMIC Model Library.  

Package Model from Storybook

Before you can apply a model, it needs to be packaged from the source storybook. The Package feature is available under the Applied AI Flyout Menu item, which opens the COSMIC Group screen.


And COSMIC Mission Control appears:


Expand the Package section and click the Package button to show the dialog box to package the model:


Enter the Name and Notes for the model and click Publish to start the model generating process. Notice by default you need to have at least 4 positive samples and 1 negative sample in order to publish the model. 

Refresh the page and wait until the link becomes available. Click Download to save the model file in order to use the model in a different Reveal AI environment:


Things not packaged: the following metadata fields are not included in the reference models: Sender; Sender Domain; Recipient; Recipient Domain; Author; Organization; Dates.