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Reveal Review Publication

Admin Views

Admin Views - This folder gives review and database administrators the ability to see documents in many different foldering structures, dependent on the metadata connected with the documents or the criteria used to collect them.



If Document Level Security is not enabled for your project, you will not see the Secure node.

  • Assignments - View assigned batches by Assignment Folder, by Batch, by Custodian, by Job, by Reviewer or by Thread. Under the Reviewer subfolder you may examine the Reviewed and Not Reviewed batch subfolders, with counts; admins also have the option to right-click and delete a Reviewer's batch folder.

  • Custodians - View all documents provided by each custodian in the project.

  • Document Folders - View all load batches and their sub-folders; for example, see a Custodian's PST with privileged and non-privileged and personal folders within.

  • Imports - All data sets uploaded into Reveal may be viewed here.

  • Locked - Documents where coding has been restricted will appear in this view. Locking may include Fields, Notes, Annotations, Redaction, and any or all Tag Sets.

  • Searches - View saved searches under each user, including the ability to see the search syntax and to modify access to use the search.

  • Secure - View documents secured by Team or by User, or view those not secured for action using the Secure tool in the Document List.

  • Tags - Quickly retrieve all documents under any tag from folders set out by Tag Set.Tags - Quickly retrieve all documents under any tag from folders set out by Tag Set.

  • Transcripts - Examine, modify access, lock down or process transcripts in any transcript folder, or examine them by user.

  • Work Folders - Examine, add, modify access to or lock down any work folder, or examine those accessible by each user.

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