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The Bulk Deletion option allows users with the appropriate permissions to delete an entire a set of documents' artifacts in a very targeted fashion. User can choose to remove images, document text, or delete the record entirely from the project.

  1. Select the documents to delete.

  2. Choose the Action:

    • Delete all document records, files and artifacts.

      • Complete removal of the record and all of its associated work product.

      • The record, its metadata and all items selected on right are removed from the database.


      This deletes everything.

    • Delete only document artifacts.

      • All items are selected on the right but the record and its metadata are left in the database.


      This deletes everything stored in S3 (Native, Images, Extracted Text, Ocr/Loaded Text, etc.) but leaves what is stored in SQL (metadata, history, etc.).

    • Custom Delete.

      • User can decide which items get removed.

      • Selected items on the right are removed, and the record is left in the database.