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Advanced Connector Settings

There are some fields located under the “Advanced” link. Click the link to display them.


The document ingest batch size is how many documents (field values and text) to pull at one time in a chunk over the Reveal API. A good default range is 200-500.

The document id batch size is used during ingest and syncing to return a list of document ids from Reveal. A good default is 10,000.

The overlay batch size is used when sending Brainspace field values to Reveal for overlay. A good default is 1000.

The key field can be either ITEMID or BEGDOC, it is used to sync docs between the systems. ITEMID is the more efficient choice.

Allow deletes on sync push will remove any docs from a work folder in Reveal that are no longer present in a notebook in Brainspace. This is also used in tag sync to un-tag documents that have been removed from a notebook. Note: This pertains to notebook syncing and not connected tag syncing.

You can click Test Connector to verify connection to the Reveal Rest API or just click Create Connector (this will also verify before it creates).


The new connector won’t show any datasets yet because it hasn’t been associated with any. The same connector will be used for multiple cases to pull documents into datasets.