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Reveal Review Publication

Sample Documents

Project Managers (acting in Reveal as Client Administrators or Administrators) may extract samples from any document set using this Review tool. This may be used to randomly select documents for second-level quality review, for example.

  • At the toolbar atop the Document List click Sample.

  • Choose whether to select by Count, Percent or Confidence.

    • Count will ask for the number of random documents to select.

    • Percent will ask for the percentage of random documents to select.

    • Confidence (shown above) will ask for the Confidence Level and Margin of Error percentages for randomness to sample a percentage of documents that will give you a proper representation of the list. The confidence level is how certain you are that your correct answer lies within the results and the margin of error indicates what percentage of error you are willing to risk.

  • Select an existing Work Folder into which to copy samples.

  • You may also elect to create a Saved Search.

  • You have the option to Show results after sampling.

  • Click Sample to run.

  • Results will be displayed under the Jobs screen.