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Reveal Review Publication

Searching Work Folders

Reveal has an advanced search option for determining the presence of documents in Work Folders. Users are able to find documents that are in specific folders as well as being able to identify documents that are not in any Work Folders. You may enter any document text to be found in the Search bar and Refine Search, or specify document text or metadata using the Text button in Refine Search.

  • To immediately open Refine Search, at the right of the Search Bar in the Review screen select More Options 603d3171a5bee.png.

  • In the Refine Search window, you may either

    • change the Search in value from All documents to Work Folder, then select the Work Folder(s) to search for that value; or

    • select the Folder button in the shaded area under Look up criteria by name ... Or select criteria to add.

  • From the folder list, select Work Folders.

  • In Work Folders, select

    • the Relational operator to be used: Has any, Has all, Has none, Not all or Not Foldered.

    • the Work Folders to be examined.

    • Click Save when done.

  • Back in Refine Search you may add text or further conditions.

  • To locate documents that aren't present in any Work Folder, use the Not Foldered relational operator.