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Reveal Review Publication

Reveal Review Manager - Overview

Reveal Review Manager is used to administer your instance of Reveal. From here you create databases, manage users, load large amounts of data, set analytics options and do any other number of functions associated with the administration of the program. Reveal Review Manager requires VPN access to a remote desktop, access that will be provided to top-level administrators by Reveal Support strictly as required.

Once you have the lay of the land, see Getting Started: Project Setup for a basic idea of project setup workflow in Reveal Review Manager.

Reveal Review Manager Control Panels

There are several panes within the Options panel that allow you to navigate throughout Reveal Review Manager to execute various tasks for configuring, populating and maintaining Reveal databases. More detailed information on these panes is available by clicking the heading link for each. These panes appear on the left-hand side of the screen and are:

  • Instance Setup configures core ownership and partitioning information for Reveal:

    • Companies, Clients and Projects (in parallel with the Company Admin area in Reveal Review), along with

    • Password Policies and Logo information.

  • Project Setup is used to create and manage

    • Users, and specify project elements such as

    • Templates,

    • Fields,

    • Import Mappings,

    • Text Sets, and

    • Lists.

  • Import is used to load and update

    • Documents,

    • Tags,

    • Images, and

    • Alerts.

  • Create facilitates searching, classifying and enhancing loaded document data under the categories of

    • Indexes,

    • Images,

    • Email Threads,

    • Named Entities,

    • Clusters/Near Dups,

    • Document Folders, and

    • Color Detection.

  • Reports creates output on

    • Near Duplicates,

    • Users Logged In, and

    • User Actions.

  • Advanced Options is used to

    • edit System Settings,

    • view Consolidated Scripts,

    • Email Users in the Reveal system,

    • review Project Versions,

    • run a Query, or

    • Refresh Document Records.

Reveal Review Manager Navigation

As you work in Reveal Review Manager, when you click on the Options panel links to perform tasks, each link opens a menu beneath it in the Options panel. Each menu item selected opens a tab in the main window, or work area, which allows you to navigate back and forth between the various common tasks.

Once open, the tab will remain open unless you close it by clicking on the x in the upper right corner of the tab window, or exit the system.