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Project Setup

Project Setup is where the structure of a project is configured and the initial Users added and assigned.

  • Users - This controls individual accounts with login, project and role group information. User accounts are eligible for assignment to teams, profiles, folders and other permissions in each project. Users may be created here as well; this is the only location where Users may be created. See Managing Users for more details also about adding Users when creating a project, and Working with Users in the web Company Admin section.

  • Templates - In adding a new project the administrator has the option of retrieving various categories of Templates containing saved configurations in the categories of:

    • User Info

    • Fields

    • Work Folders

    • Searches

    • Lists

    • Tags

    • Redactions

    • Wordlists

    • Team Documents

  • Fields - Fields starting with a default view may be added, edited and deleted here.

  • Import Mappings - This is where the administrator specifies and saves the mapping of fields in a document set's load file to matching fields in the project database. Concordance DAT format is the default, but other delimited text formats such as CSV may be used or defined. See **Import Mappings** for details.

  • Text Sets - Different categories of text are defined here. There are four defaults, each with settings maximum electronic document file size to index and the ability to customize a Common Words List; generally only the first three would be included in a Document Load selection:

    • Native / HTML

    • Extracted

    • OCR / Loaded

    • Transcription

    • Translated - added as used

    • Manual OCR - added as used

  • Lists - Lists to be used in the project are defined here. These may be part of field picklists, search terms, or wordlist entries. Values may be added manually here, or ingested from a text file or values found in a specified field; the latter is particularly useful in creating an interactive picklist for an updatable field.