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Reveal Review Publication

User Settings - Document View

Document View sets Document Review Screen display defaults, which start as Text/HTML fit to window width using the Native/HTML Text Set.

  • Default Document View selects between the searchable Text/HTML and the redactable Image views. Often the nature of the review and source documents will determine the default choice initially set by the Project Manager which may be adjusted here.

  • Default Image Fit selects between full Image window Width or Best Fit, again depending on the nature of the documents under review and perhaps convenience for redaction.

  • Text Set Display Order and Default View sets which searchable text view is the default under Text/HTML, and the order of the tabs within that view.

    • Native / HTML is usually the default setting; it requires the entire document to be rendered for viewing.

    • Extracted pares the view down to simple text.

    • OCR / Loaded also presents only text, here of previously-loaded optical character recognition results from image content.

    • Transcription takes text derived from audio or video files.

    • Translated presents a translated version of an original language source document.

    • Manual OCR show optical character recognition text rendered using Reveal.

  • Image Set Priority and Display Order sets the primary image set and the order in which any additional image sets will be listed.

See User Settings for further information.