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Reveal Review Publication

Custom Relational Fields

You can create custom relations between documents in the review pane by using metadata values in relational fields. Whether you have some custom clustering algorithm or just want to see all documents having the same import folder, relational fields provides you the ability to create custom links between documents to tie them together. To do so, you will need to create a field and enable the relational flag to tie these documents together.

  • In Project Admin, open Fields.

  • Choose Add Field from the tabs at the left.

  • Create a unique Field Name and Display Name for the field. These are required.

  • Set Is Relational Field to Yes.

  • Click Add.

  • Next, open Field Profiles from the tab at the left.

  • Select the first profile to which you want to add the new relational field. Here, Default is selected.

  • Select Assign Fields from the right end of the Field Profiles toolbar.

  • Scroll down and select to Include the new relational field Related_ID and toggle to Display it in the Default profile.

  • Click Assign.

  • Next go to the Permissions screen under Project Admin to enable viewing of related documents.

    • Under Permissions open Roles from the tab at the left.

    • Select the Role for which you will assign the permission to view related documents.

    • Click Assign Permissions at the right end of the Roles toolbar.

    • Enable the View permission View Related Documents.

    • Click Assign.

  • You will need to log out and back in to see this change.


You will then be able to either overlay the custom related value to your new field or, if you make the field updateable, you can add this value manually.

When you view documents in the review pane, any documents that share a value with the current document will be displayed as a related document. In the following example a relational field named Related_ID has been created. The document has a related value of ABACAB01 in the Related_ID field, as do two other documents. When you look at the related documents pane, you will see the two documents related to the primary document under a Related_ID label in the Related Documents pane.


The original document is displayed in boldface. These panes may be expanded or collapsed as needed. These panes only appear when a document has a relational field link with other documents.

By way of background, a load file was created containing two fields, Begin Number and the Relational field Related_ID, with records for every document to be updated and the Related_ID values assigned to each. This DAT file was overlaid using the Import > Documents > Update function in Reveal Review Manager.