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Reveal Review Publication

Thread Viewer

This section describes how to browse documents using the thread viewer under the TRAINING tab.


This section describes functionality available in the TRAINING tab without the use of COSMIC (Cognitive Machine Coding) assisted review. For information on reviewing documents using COSMIC, see Section 9 - COSMIC (COGNITIVE MACHINE CODING).

If you are in EXPLORING mode and click on a Document snippet in the right hand column, you will switch to the TRAINING mode and see the panels below.


Click on the title links below for details.

The Navigation bar on the thread viewer provides navigation functions and page settings.

  1. Classic vs Story Layout

  2. Highlight Entities Button

  3. Thread Viewer Settings

  4. Navigation mode selector

The Email body pane displays the text of the email segment. A user can also access various segment level information and tagging/comment functions.

The Thread Information Panel includes Thread details, Thread diagram and Similar threads as well as Comments, Tags and Entities.

  1. Threads Details Window

  2. Thread Diagram

  3. Similar Threads

Use Relativity®, Extracted or Native Thread Viewer for options to view the original text or native file of the document. Notice the visibility of these links depends on where Relativity® Integration Mode is being used.