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Reveal Review Publication

Exporting to CSV or DAT

Choose documents and data to export and customize output settings.

  • Destination: Choose default File.

  • Export Name: Choose a name for your export.

  • Format: Choose the format to which you would like to export. Options include CSV and DAT with the option to modify delimiter options. If you are connecting through Relativity® or Reveal for document review, you will see the option to export to Relativity® or Reveal, respectively (details in Section 11.B and Section 11.C below).

  • Encoding: Choose type of text encoding you would like to use. Options:

  • Format options: If you would like to export analyzed text check the Export analyzed text box.

  • Batch options: Batch options are by default 10,000 documents with a time-out of 60 seconds, and this should work for most exports. However, you can change the settings if you are experiencing delays during export.

  • Documents: Choose to export all current search documents, all documents in your storybook, or only documents that are part of saved searches.

  • Data: Choose what data you would like to see in your export.



Columns included

Document Data


  • ArtifactID

  • Control Number

Document Metadata

  • NexLP_AttachmentCount

  • NexLP_Author

  • NexLP_Filename

  • NexLP_GroupId

  • NexLP_MD5Hash

  • NexLP_SentDate

  • NexLP_TimeZone

  • NexLP_Subject

  • NexLP_FromPersonName

Thread Data

  • NexLP_TheadItemType

  • NexLP_TheadId

  • NexLP_InclusiveDocId

  • NexLP_InclusiveEmailId

  • NexLP_AttachmentCount

  • NexLP_SortOrder

  • NexLP_IndentLevel

Cluster Data

  • NexLP_Cluster_Name

  • NexLP_Cluster_Score

  • NexLP_Cluster_Is_Centroid

  • NexLP_Cluster_Queue_Pass

  • NexLP_Cluster_Friendly_Id

Processing Status Data

  • NexLP_ProcessingStatus

Comment Data

  • NexLP_Comments

Cosmic Scores

Select COSMIC groups to export scores. 

Column/Relativity® Field name format:

  • NexLP_CosmicScore_[Cosmic Group Name]

Value format:

  • [Whole number]

Cosmic Tags

Column/Relativity® Field name format:

  • NexLP_CosmicTag_[Cosmic Group Name]

For Document level COSMIC Tags, the possible values are

  • [Yes]/Document,

  • [No]/Document,

  • [Skip]/Document,

For Segment level COSMIC Tags, the export value will be

  • [Yes]/Segment,

User Tags

Select User Tags to export. Notice imported Tags cannot be exported. 

Column/Relativity® Field name format:

  • NexLP_UserTag_[User Tag Name]

Value format:

  • For Document level tags, [User Tag Name]/Document

  • For Segment level tags, [User Tag Name]/Segment

Saved Searches

Selected Saved Searches to export. If exporting to Relativity®, a new field will be created for each Saved Search selected. 

Column/Relativity® Field name format:

  • NexLP_SavedSearch_[Saved Search Name]

Value format:

  • [Saved Search Name]

Upon clicking Start, the export will begin to build. You can view the status in the notification center and/or the storybook dashboard.


When your export is complete, you can download directly from the Notifications center, or from the storybook or admin dashboards. Exports will be available for download for 30 days. After 30 days, exports will be deleted from the dashboard and the Notifications center.