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Project Statistics and Exporting Billing Stats

After a project is created, you can see your project statistics in the Company Admin/Projects area by clicking 'Show Stats for Selected.'

  • Project Summary statistics in the panel at right includes the size of the project indexes, natives/text files, images, database size, documents stored in the project, and production files/images as well as the total size of all of these together. Each category includes an explanation of what factors are included that total.

  • The Export Stats function exports an Excel file containing billing statistics information for all of the projects in your Company. There are two types of Export Stats reports:

    • Case Stats (the default)

    • Peak Billing Info - which exports peak billing statistics between any two dates set in the dialog.

  • The information included in each of these billing stats report is the following:



    Project ID

    Identifier of Project in SQL.

    Project Name

    Name of Project.


    Company assigned to Project.


    Client assigned to Project.

    Project Created Date

    Date that the Project was created.

    Number of Users with Access to the Case

    Number of simultaneously active users with access to the Project.

    Names of the Users with Access to the Case

    Names of simultaneously active users with access to the Project.

    Index Size in Gigabytes

    Size of indexed text for the native, extracted, and OCR text sets. This also includes the images extracted out of the native for near-native.

    Native/text in Gigabytes

    Size of natives and text associated with text sets.

    Image Size in Gigabytes

    Size of all loaded images or images generated by tiff-on-the-fly. This excludes images that were created by a production and updated back into an image set.

    Production Size in Gigabytes

    Size of production jobs that includes production export zips and production images.

    Documents Size in Gigabytes

    Zips created by print and export. Any other miscellaneous files such as team documents.

    Database Size in Gigabytes

    Size of database that stores metadata, tagging, and other work product.

    Total Size of all of the above in Gigabytes

    Combined size of Index, Natives, Text, Images, Productions, Database and Documents.

  • The Show Stats function reports statistics for any selected project or group of projects.