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Metadata Search Profiles

A Search Profiles section has been added under the Fields link on the Project Admin menu bar. Here you can define custom metadata search profiles which provide options to limit and fine-tune the metadata fields that are queried when running full-text metadata searches.

Using a search profile for searching can potentially perform faster than a standard search broken out with the same metadata criteria. This is because the search profile will only hit the index once while the standard search broken out will hit it once for each criterion used in the query.

To run searches on a subset of a project's metadata fields click Add to create a metadata field profile in the Project Admin > Fields > Search Profiles area:


Next, assign the metadata fields to be included in searches using this profile:


Then assign access to all Teams that will use this profile.


Now this metadata search profile is ready for use in reviewing and filtering documents.


Use Refine Search to select any or all Metadata Search Profiles to provide relevant fields for a search.

  • Open Refine Search.

  • Type Metadata in the Look up criteria field, and select Metadata from the dropdown list under the Text heading.

  • Click Search Profiles in the lower left corner.

  • Select the Search Profile(s) you wish to use and click CLOSE.

  • Enter the search term to be applied to the selected metadata search profile(s) and click SAVE.

  • Run the search against all documents or the current context, as appropriate.