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Reveal Review Publication

Audio / Video Player in Document Review Pane

You can review audio and video in the review pane. 

We support all audio and video file types that are natively support by the user's browser.


We offer a rich set of media controls including full-screen capabilities. 

You can play, restart, rewind, fast forward using these controls:


You may elect to show or suppress closed captioning, or open the linked transcript.


You can decrease or increase the speed in .25 increments using these controls:


You may go to Preferences, go to Full screen or adjust the Volume.


By choosing the gear icon you can open the Preferences menu:

  • Captions - Set how captions will be displayed in the video, for example, white sans serif on a black background.

  • Descriptions - Allows a preference for audio description to be set if required.

  • Keyboard -  Available keyboard shortcuts for the video; defaults are:

    • Spacebar = Play/Pause

    • Alt+Ctrl+s = Restart

    • Alt+Ctrl+r = Rewind

    • Alt+Ctrl+f = Forward

    • Alt+Ctrl+c = Hide captions

    • Alt+Ctrl+v or +(1 to 9) = Volume

    • Alt+Ctrl+m = Mute/Unmute

  • Transcript - Preferences for interactive transcript are Highlight transcript as media plays (by default) and Keyboard-enable transcript.