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System Settings

System Settings are core setup and administration tasks and functions for the entire Reveal AI instance. See the following pages for details on each Storybook Administration item.

Updated service worker status and configuration information, broken out to Service Worker Status ListStorybook Service Worker Status and Restricted Worker.

The Environment setup page allows you to accomplish any of these optional tasks:

  1. Third Party System Administrator Access (for entering Reveal AI from Relativity as an admin).

  2. NexBERT Setup - Configure your Reveal AI environment for the use of NexBERT models.

  3. Set up a Cache Password.

  4. Trusted URLs (for your Relativity site).

  5. Keycloak Access Setup.

To access environment statistics and generate reports for your team or for Reveal Support.

D.  Tenants

A system admin can create new tenants from this page.

View system errors and associated details.