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The Users page allows system and tenant admins to view, create, update and delete users. You may add users to a group. System Administrators can see what tenant the user belongs to and can use the “tenant switcher” to filter down to the specific tenant. 

Choose Users under TENANT in the directory on the left:


System Administrators can verify they are looking at the correct tenant. The tenant switcher is sticky between one tenant settings section and another.

To create a new user choose Create user...


...and the Create User window appears:


Place the relevant information:

  • Tenant: The tenant to which the user belongs.

  • Email: Enter email address.

  • First Name: Enter user’s first name.

  • Last Name: Enter user’s last name.

  • New Password: The minimum requirements for password are:

    • One uppercase letter

    • One lowercase letter

    • One number

    • One symbol

    • Minimum of 8 characters.

  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the same password.

  • Locked: Check to temporarily disable user from being able to log into the system.

  • Enable Advanced Thread Navigation: If this option is unchecked, user will not be able to automatically save COSMIC tags in the thread viewer.


Then choose Save to save the new user.

The new user appears on the list:


To add the user to a group or groups, click on the user email.


The user-specific Group page appears that allows you to add the user to any number of groups. Choose Add group:


The Add groups to user page appears. Choose the target groups from the dropdown menu.


The new group now appears on the user-specific Group list.