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Reveal Review Publication

User Settings - Review Icons

Review Icons - Set the display of small document and review status icons in the Document List.


Review Icons are the small items in the Document Lists table to the left of each document row. They provide a summary of of key descriptors of a document, the display of which is selectable here. Bold Italic items are shown in the illustration below.

  • Document Type Indicator provides an icon for document format showing more detail in a tooltip when touched with the pointer.

  • Owner Indicator shows who presently has the document assigned or otherwise reserved.

  • Has Tags Indicator shows whether a document has tags, and if so how many when the pointer glides over the tag icon for a row.

  • Has Alerts Indicator would note the presence of any Program Manager-defined alerts in the document, such as hidden text.

  • Has Annotations Indicator shows the presence of redactions or other text or line or highlighting marks on document images.

  • Has Notes Indicator shows that there are Reviewer comments in the Notes field of a document.

  • Has Family Members Indicator (second from right in illustration above) shows the presence of attachments in an email or other appendices to a document.

  • Has Duplicates Indicator shows the existence and count of duplicates for a document.

  • Has Near Duplicates Indicator shows the existence and count of near duplicates for a document.

  • Has Email Threads shows the existence and count of email threads for a message document.

  • Is Reviewed (second from left in the illustration above) indicates that the Reviewed Status tag has been set under the currently selected Tag Profile for this document.

  • Document Locked would show that elements of coding and tagging for the document have been locked.

See User Settings for further information.