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Printing PDFs from the Document Viewer

In Touring the Reviewer Space - Document Review Screen you saw that one option available is to print a document. If the document currently under review is a PDF, the settings used in the print dialog are vital to generating full output of the document text.


  1. Select the Print option from the Document Viewer toolbar.

  2. In the Print dialog, open More Settings.

  3. Under Options, check the last item, Background graphics.



    Note that the preview panel to the left is now filled with page images rather than blank pages or just highlights.


Portable document format (PDF) files are essentially images in a form of HD HTML (high definition hypertext markup language). These images, particularly if originally “printed” from an electronic document application, may have embedded text, but in printing from the document viewer it is always advisable to check the preview and make sure that you are seeing what was displayed in the Native / HTML view. If you do not see the document content, make sure to select Background graphics as described above.