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Updating - Overlays

There are times when you need to update a field or information that has been loaded into Reveal. This is often called an Overlay, since you are laying in data over existing data. This process is completed from the Import pane, where you select Documents and select the Update Data action.

  • In the Documents window, choose your Project.

  • Instead of choosing to Import Data, change the Action to Update Data.

  • Select the Import Profile for the delimiter type used in the update load file. The default is Concordance which uses ASCII 254 (the 'thorn' character) to define field contents, ASCII 020 as a field separator, ASCII 174 (the 'registered' symbol) for an in-field new line, and a hard return for a new record.

  • Select the Import Data File that you wish to use.

  • Select your preferred Language to control any date format in your overlay data.

  • Select Test Mode if you wish to test the load before executing the overlay.


    If you prefer to perform a load in Test Mode it is very important to select Test Mode before clicking ‘Update Data’. You will not have an opportunity to do so later.

  • Select the Update Data button beneath the Test Mode checkbox and a window appears allowing you to map which fields you would like to update.

  • Put a check mark next to any field to be updated, and next to the key field (usually BEGDOC) that will relate the overlay to the document records already loaded.

  • Any fields that are not checked and linked to a field will be left alone and are noted with a Do Not Update option in the dropdown menu.

  • It is usually a good idea to Preview the update to make sure the fields were chosen correctly.

  • Exit the Preview window and click OK to complete the process. NOTE: Clicking OK executes the overlay immediately if you are not in Test Mode.

  • If the Test Mode reports no errors, deselect Test Mode and repeat the process to complete the overlay.

See Importing Documents to review the initial Import process.