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Reveal Review Publication

Bulk Update

Reveal AI allows users to select many documents from a search result and update their COSMIC and User tags as a group.



Users can bulk update all documents if they wish. Before they hit Apply, they will see this alert: “This action will update all documents in the storybook.

Once you have selected all documents you wish to update, users may either bulk update COSMIC models or bulk update user tags.

A.  Bulk Update COSMIC Model

Users may bulk update yes/no selections to one or more storybooks. Select YesNoSkip or Reset to teach the selected COSMIC model(s). Also, with respect to each of the selections, users can decide to include them in, or exclude them from, the COSMIC model. 

In the below example, for model “HS” all 288 hit documents are tagged as Yes, and are excluded from the model. All 288 hit documents are tagged No in model “Model1”, and included in the model. Here we are resetting all 288 hit documents for model “Test1”, and by not selecting Include or Exclude, we will preserve any previous state (Include/Exclude) with which these documents had been tagged, AND we are resetting all “Yes/No/Skip” tags.


Users can apply to inclusive hit documents or hit documents. 

Users may also use selections to make an entirely new COSMIC model, right in the Bulk Update dropdown.

B.  Bulk Update User Tags

Users may bulk update tags from search results and make multiple updates at once including:


Checkmark indicates adding a tag to all segments in search results


Dash mark indicates removing a tag from all segments in search results


Leaving the box blank will do nothing

Once update has initiated, you can monitor the status of the update in the Notifications center.