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Configuring Relativity® SSO for Reveal AI 3.10

This article provides both visual and written instructions for setting Single-Sign-On from Relativity® Server 2023 to Reveal AI (RAI) standalone at case level.

Steps to set Relativity@ SSO tab with RAI 3.10 for the tenant which the case belongs to:

  1. Set up Relativity® SSO service configuration for the tenant to which the case belongs:

  2. Confirm the target Storybook has Relativity mapping configured and pointed to the corresponding case in Relativity®:

  3. Build SSO link:

    The SSO link should be in the following format:


    • Example:

  4. If RAI is hosted in the same domain as Relativity, skip this step and step 5 below, go directly to step 6, otherwise use the SSO link above and the template below to create an HTML loading page. Notice you will need one loading HTML for each case:

  5. If this is the first time, create a new web application on web server and name the App “nexlp”:


    Add the case loading HTML for the case to the web application folder:

  6. Add a new tab in Relativity®:

    • If RAI is hosted in the same domain as Relativity, point the tab to the SSOLink created above.

    • Otherwise, point the tab to the case RAI HTML loading page:


  7. Confirm the same user account exists in both Relativity® and RAI.

  8. Test the new tab and confirm it opens correctly: