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COSMIC Model Library

Admin rights are required to publish a model to the COSMIC model library. See Admin Guide Section 1. Storybook Settings > F. COSMIC Groups. All other COSMIC model access is available to the end-user.

1. Accessing the COSMIC Model Library

You access the COSMIC Model Library through the User dropdown menu by choosing Model library:


The Model library page appears:

2. Reveal AI Pre-trained Starter Models

Reveal AI comes with a growing number of pre-trained starter reference models. These models are ready out of the box to apply to your data. The list of models is augmented as new versions of Reveal AI are released.

3. Import COSMIC Model

Import a model to the existing model library if you want to use the model in a different Reveal AI environment. Click Model Library under Tenant Admin or open via the User Profile menu as above and then click the Import button to show the Model Library Import window:


Click in the Select File button to browse in order to locate the NPS file downloaded in the step above. 

Click the Mode tab, find the storybook to which you would like to import the COSMIC model, then click View to view existing models as well as add new models:


A user can set negative sets by using the negative set type options:

  • Use External: COSMIC will use the negative examples provided in the imported model file. All the negative examples from the external model will be used for training the classifier.

  • Sample Destination Storybook: COSMIC will randomly draw samples from the current storybook. No negative examples will be used from the external model. A random sample of negative documents from the current storybook will be generated by the classifier based on the number of positive examples present in the external model. Documents that are too short will be excluded. Non-inclusive documents and documents with a pre-existing COSMIC tag will also be excluded.

  • Both: COSMIC will use both external examples and random samples from the current storybook.


    Option to select “Both” is highly recommended.


    All positive sets are automatically included from a referenced model and applied to the target COSMIC model. Once the COSMIC model is successfully added, you will see it in the table.


Next, you must Run Full Process under the settings tab in order to successfully apply the model on top of your data.