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Reveal AI Release Notes V3.10.04 GA

Reveal AI Release Notes - Version 3.10.04 GA (Release Date: 08/03/2022)








Ability to enable a new Streaming mode. It significantly optimizes performance of High Precision Classification (COSMIC with HPC) on environments with the default memory allocation. With this update, COSMIC with HPC has comparable memory requirements and memory use to COSMIC without HPC.

To utilize this update on existing COMIC groups with HPC, several upgrade steps need to be followed. See below and consult your Reveal Support team for details.

To take advantage of HPC without needing to incur the high memory requirements of COSMIC HPC, we have introduced “Streaming“ mode that can be enabled from the AI service config:

  • This allows COSMIC to run with AI vectors loaded on-demand instead of loading them into memory up-front.

  • This also allows the use of recommended default hardware specs of 64 GB RAM for the AI server without having to worry about allocating more Java memory for larger datasets on the same AI server.

  • Streaming mode works for both “COSMIC“ and “COSMIC HPC“ modes.

Please note the following limitations when running COSMIC in Streaming Mode:

1. Score Report functionality is not supported.

2. The scoring process is single threaded, as multi-threaded scoring is not supported.


After upgrading to this version 3.10.04, Numeric Vectors for existing storybooks will be recreated to generate additional files needed to run Streaming Mode. This would happen if a new Cosmic or Clustering run is submitted after this version Upgrade.