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Reveal Review Publication

Disabling Users

When viewing the users attached to a case, you have the ability deselect the Enabled checkbox which will disable a user.


This action will disable the user for all the cases to which that person is assigned in the current Reveal instance.

If you wish to keep a user active but remove this user from a specific case, use the Delete option to remove the user from the specific case instead. The Delete function removes a user ONLY from the specific case selected, not from the entire system.

If you would like to retain the user's actions and audit history, but do not want this user to be active in the case any longer, then remove the user from any group roles and teams so that this individual will not be able to log in to the database.

Deleting Users from the Reveal Review Manager

Deleting users from the Reveal Review Manager should not be done without careful consideration. Totally removing users also removes the ability to audit their actions and track their work product in the database prior to removal. Deleting users is a task that is performed by the Reveal administrative team. If you have users who have never logged in to a case or a specific reason for deleting a user, please contact Reveal support to make a deletion request.