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Reveal Review Publication

Document Snippets and Thread Viewer

On the right side of the screen, users can view document snippets. The document snippets represent previews of documents returned by the current search criteria. The snippets show the number of inclusive documents, the Date Sent and the Subject from the earliest email in the thread, senders and how many receivers. The inclusive documents are the most limited subset of documents in a thread that contain the entire content of a thread. Restricting review to just these documents minimizes the re-reading of repeated text. 

For example, the snippet below shows an email sent from Matt Lenhart to one person on December 22, 2002:


By default, the search results are sorted by search score, which prefers conversations between smaller groups of people and custodians. Users can change the sorting order by clicking on the arrow next to Search score and further sort results using COSMIC modelsEmotionsSubjectDateTypeThread IDAttachmentSearch Score and Segment count.