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Work Folders – Storing and Categorizing Your Documents

Work Folders contain private and public work folders that allow you segment searched and filtered documents into logical collections for easier review. Work folders are also where documents reviewed for relevance, privilege, redactions and confidentiality are collected for production. See Assigning Documents to a Work Folder below for an introduction to foldering documents.

Creating a folder
  • In the Folders View right-click on Work Folders and select Add Folder.

  • Give the folder a name. You may also share with selected Users or Teams here. Click Add when done.

  • You may create Sub-folders by right-clicking on any Work Folder and selecting Add Folder.

Edit Folder
  • Securing a folder

    All Work Folders are private by default. A User with the appropriate permissions may share a folder by applying Work Folder security to control who can view and update them.

    Security may be set either at the time of creation or by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Edit Folder, which allows you to rename the folder, add access to specified Users or Teams, and apply the updates sub-folders. Any User or Team selected will have Read-Only access by default; this may be changed by clicking the lock icon to the right of the User to Team name to change it to unlocked.

  • Renaming a folder
    • Right-click the folder name and select Edit Folder.

    • Enter a new name and click Edit.

Delete Folder

A work folder may be deleted by right-clicking and selecting Delete Folder. A confirmation request, if approved, completes the removal the folder.


Deleting a Work Folder has no effect on document data other than to remove the folder association from its metadata.

Locking Down Work Folder Contents

The Work Folder context menu also allows you to lock down specified content and coding for all documents in the folder. When you right-click on the folder and select Lock-down Contents this window opens to enable the locking of all Fields, Notes, Annotations, Redactions, and any or specified Tag Sets for all documents in the folder.

Assigning Documents to a Work Folder

Documents may be tagged individually into one or more Work Folders from the Document Review screen, or they may be bulk-assigned following the execution of a search or filtered view. Here is a brief illustration:

Under our Production01 work folder we have created a sub-folder called Prod01 Privileged to collect documents tagged as privileged or which may potentially be privileged.

I know that the domain belongs to counsel for one of the parties, so any correspondence to or from that domain will likely be privileged. I used the Search Bar to look for, and retrieve 18 documents in from the current data set.


Quick Entities allows a reviewer with permissions to drill down under Message Originating Domain and Message Receiving Domain under the letter 'V" in each case to immediately locate documents with in the metadata.

To tag these documents into the Production01 > Prod01 Privileged work folder:

  • Click Tag on the tool bar immediately below the Search Bar.

  • Under Properties to Edit, select Folders. Leave Add selected.

  • Expand Work Folders and Production01 so that Prod01 Privileged is visible.

  • Select Prod01 Privileged.

  • Click Tag to set.

  • When prompted, click Yes to confirm tagging these documents to the selected work folder.

  • Click Refresh at the top of the Folders View, and Prod01 Privileged will indicate (18) documents.