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Reveal Review Publication

Team Documents

It can be quite useful to have complaints, requests, orders, memoranda and other documents delineating a litigation available for reference by the review team. Reveal provides a space where such documents may be easily uploaded and referenced in the Review platform. 

Team Documents is available under the Flyout Menu. Folders may be created at top or nested levels for the project by right-clicking the top folder label, or by clicking the Plus ('+') sign that appears at the right edge of the folder label.

  • To add a document, click Add Document.

  • Use Select to browse out to your file system; gliding over the Allowed File Extensions bubble help shows a list of file types that may be uploaded.

  • Only one document may be uploaded at a time.

  • Click Add Document once you have made a selection.

  • A new document has been added for the team's reference in this project.