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Review Notes Field

Review contains a special field “Review Notes” where reviewers can enter their notes or comments. These notes are commonly entered in the Notes pane of the Document Review screen.

  1. Coding

    This field can be edited while coding documents or through bulk tagging.

    1. Review Coding

    2. Bulk Tagging

      Documents may be grouped as tags or folders, or bulk coded by adding text to Notes or other updateable fields. See Bulk Tagging Documents for further discussion of this tool.

  2. Searching

    Notes can be searched through the Review Notes field, Quick Searches and Review Icons.

    1. Search

      1. Open Refine Search at the right of the Search Bar.

      2. Select More.

      3. Select Notes from the drop-down list.

      4. Select General Notes, and enter whether to specify that the field Contains or Does not contain the search term.

    2. Quick Search

      Two Notes statuses can be interrogated under Quick Search in the Review Folders view:

      1. No Notes

      2. Has Notes

    3. Icon Sort

      Review Icons in the Documents table provide information at a glance of a given document's properties, such as whether it has Notes. Like any other sortable field in the table, Review Icon columns may be sorted as well to bubble up all documents containing reviewer Notes by clicking the header icon once for ascending order, twice for descending order.