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Creating a Field

  • Open the Flyout Menu and navigate to Project Admin.

  • Click on Fields link in the top menu bar. The Field Profiles form appears.

  • Click Add Fields in the grey menu panel on the left side of the screen to display a blank field form.

  • In Field Name [REQUIRED] enter a unique name for the field using no spaces to avoid database errors; underscore characters are permitted.

  • In Field Display Name [REQUIRED] enter a unique name for the field that easily identifies the data. Spaces may be used here.

  • These two fields are noted as required with a red asterisk.

  • Field Data Type defaults to Text, but there are other choices:

    • Boolean - True or False.

    • Date - Formatted date only.

    • Date time - Formatted Date and Time value.

    • Float - Precise digital floating point numbers, to 15 or more digits.

    • Integer - A whole number.

    • Numeric - One of several types of literal representation of a number's value.

    • Text - General alphanumeric content up to a defined size.

    • Time - Formatted time value.

  • Max Length is the defined size of a VARCHAR field. If undefined the maximum of 8000 characters is allows. Limits are recommended wherever possible for performance purposes.

  • Document Number Field indicates whether a field contains unique and searchable identifiers to create an ID or control number. See Setting a Field as a Search ID.

  • Is Searchable enables searching of a field's data using SQL.

  • Updateable - Users will not be able to edit the field unless the field is made Updateable.


    It is explicitly NOT RECOMMENDED to make any metadata field Updateable.

  • Multi-Value accepts multiple items of data in a field with a defined separator, usually a semi-colon (;).

  • Allow Tally selected whether the field will display a report of the count of each value found in the current Document List using the Tally function. This function has been removed as of Release 10.

  • Is Transcript Lookup facilitates Transcripts review.

  • Is Relational Field affords a location in which to create custom relations between documents in the review pane by using metadata values. See Custom Relational Fields.

  • A Description may optionally be added to document the field's purpose.

  • Choose Add when complete.

Fields may also be imported from a Concordance Load file or CSV file using Import Field at the top of the form.