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Predictive Coding – TAR 1.0 Workflow – Viewing final ranking


As of Release 6.7 clients will no longer be able to create new Predictive Coding sessions. Existing Predictive coding sessions are not disabled, they can continue to be used in the near term. It is highly recommended that clients use CMML with ACS as a replacement for PC.

There are 5 total fields of interest that you can add to a field profile so they can be displayed in the document grid.

  • BDPC Needs Review” and “BDPC Use For Training” are set while reviewing documents during the control set and training rounds and would mainly be useful for an administrator.

  • “BDPC Predictive Rank” is updated for each document after each round and the final result is stored when you close the session.

  • BDPC Is Responsive” is the Reveal Review tag set and displays how the reviewer coded in Reveal Review.

  • BDPC Auto Code” field is the final responsive/non-responsive coding result that Brainspace assigned. A value of true means responsive, false means non-responsive, and blank means not coded. You can view these two side by side to check for inconsistencies.

You can also create and run a BDPC coding consistency search. This is a search of all training documents which have a predictive coding score that is not consistent with the manual coding done by the reviewer. You want documents tagged by a reviewer as responsive but have a score less than 0.5 or tagged as non-responsive by the reviewer with a score greater than 0.5.