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Importing New Fields from a Load File

New fields can be imported from a delimited load file. The Import Field option is found under the Add Field screen in Project Admin > Fields.


To add a field in this manner,

  • Open the Flyout Menu and navigate to Project Admin.

  • Click on Fields tab in the top menu bar. The Field Profiles form appears.

  • Click Add Fields in the grey menu panel on the left side of the screen to display a blank field form.

  • Click Import Field.

  • In the Import Field box,

    • Select the Import Profile; the default is Concordance, with the option to select CSV to match the delimiters used in the load file.

    • To find the Import Data File use Select to browse the file system.

    • Click Close when done.

  • Once the file is located, the Field or Fields can be created using the drop-down menu. As you create the fields, the fields that were already imported will no longer be available in the list.

  • Continue the set up for the field based on the desired settings for Field Type, Max Length, etc.