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Reveal Review Publication

Flyout Menu Navigation, Notifications and User Profile

The Flyout Menu opens from the top left corner of the Reveal AI’s main page. This menu provides access to various functions in the storybook.

  • Explore: Click the EXPLORE item to bring up the natural language search bar and data visualization options.

  • Training: Click the TRAINING item to open COSMIC AI training queues.

  • Applied AI: click the APPLIED AI item to open a new tab allowing you to edit and create COSMIC active label groups.

  • System admin: Click the SYSTEM ADMIN item to view a list of storybooktenant and system admin functions available according to the user's permission level. See the related sections of the Admin Guide for further details.


Any Notifications will be made visible through the Notifications icon Notifications_button__grey_.png just left of the User Profile Menu. Unread Notifications are present when the bell is green. Results of processing may be downloaded here.

User Profile

The User login name in the upper right corner of the main Reveal AI screen contains the User Profile menu.

  • Model library: Access the Custom Model Library to import an existing model to the current storybook.

  • Clear cache: Facilitates cleanup of processing and display artifacts that might impede performance.

  • View version: Displays active version of Reveal AI software and storybook.

  • Switch Storybooks: Open a different storybook here or using the control in the upper left of the screen by the Flyout Menu.

  • Switch to dark mode: Change the look of your Reveal AI display.

  • Sign out: Log out of Reveal AI.