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Unassigning and Reassigning Documents

Once assigned documents are restricted to the folders under which they have been parsed out for review. A document may not be assigned to more than one concurrent batch. 

To facilitate different or further review documents may be unassigned and then reassigned to a different batch folder for a different reviewer or level of review. 

For example, if we have assigned a random batch of 70 documents as BK00100001 from a Work Folder called Bankruptcy that should be moved up to a second level of review, we would follow this procedure to unassign the documents in the initial batch:

  • In Folder View, open the Folder containing the documents to be unassigned. It may be the batch folder itself under My Assignments or the Work Folder from which the original assignment was derived.

  • On the Review toolbar click Assign.

  • In the drop-down menu select Unassign.

  • In the Unassign Documents screen, select the Folders to unassign from, from Assignment Folder or By Reviewer in this example, or by Custodian, Batch or Job as the situation dictates.

  • Click Unassign.

  • You may then select any Saved Search or Work Folder or other grouping to get the documents intended for the next level of review listed, and click Assign on the Review toolbar to folder new Assignment batches. See Creating an Assignment to review this process.