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Verify Document Imaging Using Production Preprocessing Report

Q: How can I confirm that a document contains images or may be imaged before production?

A: Using the Production pre-processing report is the best way to understand whether a document will present with an error prior to production. The pre-processing report can be run as many times as you like prior to production and can be configured to only test those documents that are new to the production set or had errors in a previous run.

The pre-processing report will attempt to open each document and determine whether it can be imaged and will provide an error if imaging is likely to fail during production. This processing will also provide a report that indicates whether a document is marked privileged as well as the Bates range and page counts for each document. This report is a good way to find weird docs, errors, etc., prior to production. It runs very fast in most cases and is well worth the time to run it throughout the review as your production set begins to develop.