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Searching on User Actions

Release 10.4 adds a capability to search and retrieve a list of documents based upon the actions of one or more users in a specified date range. This interactive search is in addition to the User Action Report found under Reports. This can help an administrator, for example, to check the tagging work product of a reviewer or reviewers, or whether a user has been exporting or printing large numbers of documents.

  1. To begin an Activity History search, open More options More_options_button.pngat the right edge of the Review Search bar.

  2. In the Refine Search screen, click More and select Activity History.

  3. A blank Activity History form will open with three fields, each of which may be filled by clicking on the field to open a selection screen:

    • Action - Select by clicking one or more items from the list,


      or filter to facilitate selection; click Save when done.

    • By Person - Select one or more persons from a list of all User accounts connected with the Project; click Save when done.

    • When - Set a date filter for the results; click Save when done.

  4. The results of your selections are filled in on the Activity History search form. Click Save to run the search and retrieve the list of documents affected by the activity specified.