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Reveal Review Publication

Glossary for Reveal Review


Terms to be incorporated into Reveal Review User Guide and Review Manager Admin Guide


Children are sub-documents grouped with a higher-level document or email. For example, attachments are children of emails.


A Duplicate is a document which generates the same hashed value when one version is compared to another. These are identical to the last comma and space and are therefore essentially one document from different sources.

Email Threads

Email threads are conversations comprised of email replies and forwards.

Family Documents

Family Documents are a set comprised of a primary or parent document with attached or appended child documents. Examples include an email and attachments, or a memorandum with appendices.


Retrieves documents having settings in effect for preventing parts of the document record from being changed, including Fields, Notes, Annotations, Redactions and the various Tag Sets associated with the document.

Near Duplicates

Near Duplicates may be thought of as different drafts or versions of a document, assessed within roughly 80% similarity. These versions may be compared in Reveal Review to highlight differences between any two versions at a time.


Notes are reviewer comments added to the space provided in the Review Screen.


Parents are documents to which other documents are attached or appended to form families. For example, an email is a parent to its attachments.


This retrieves documents in the current review where privilege tags have been set.