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(Optional) Uploading Reference Models to Model Library

These steps will showcase how you can upload our base reference models from the installation package into the front-end.

  1. Logon to the front-end as a Reveal AI Admin.

  2. Select ‘System Admin’ from the Flyout Menu in the upper left corner after you sign in.

  3. From the Tenant administration list select ‘Model Library’.

  4. Choose 'Import' on the top left corner of the screen (#1).

    • Select 'Choose File' (#2) to browse to the 08.ReferenceModels folder located in the installation package (#3 & 4).

  5. Once you have selected your file click Upload.

  6. You should now see your imported library on the front-end.



    You can also use the Reveal AI Model Marketplace to get access to additional models not included in the installation package. For more information on requesting new models please visit and click AI Model Marketplace on the top right corner.