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Reveal Review Publication

Quick Entities

Quick Entities enable you to view the documents organized in several helpful ways. Metadata are organized to list sender and recipient users and domains or document authors; entities will only be visible in the Folders View if the metadata have been processed in Reveal Review Manager. There are two types of entities: Message and Author:

  • Message entities are built using email message fields such as To, From, CC, and BCC. You can use message entities to find emails to or from certain domains, or to or from certain people or email addresses. This is pulled from the email document metadata. Message entities include:

    • Message Originating Domain

    • Message Receiving Domain

    • Message Sender

    • Message Addresses

  • Author entities can be used to find documents written by a specific author or user. This is pulled from the document metadata. Any Author entities discovered in document metadata are collected under Document Author.


Under each entity type are sub-folders for the leading numeral and letter of an entity. For example, if you were looking for all messages sent by a law firm having the domain name you would:

  • In Folder View open Quick Entities

  • Open Message Originating Domain

  • Under Message Originating Domain open L

  • Under L scroll down to select

  • Clicking on will display in the Document List all messages in the project sent from that domain.

Once displayed, these quick entity documents may be Bulk Tagged for Privilege or foldered for Privilege Review, for example.