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Reveal Review Publication

Getting Started

This document provides guidance for adding data sources, processing data and managing various system administration functions in Reveal AI. 



To login in as an administrator you must provide your:

  1. Tenant name (if you are a system administrator, you enter “System Administrator”)

  2. Email

  3. Password


Alternately, you can choose Sign in with Single Sign On and simply provide the Tenant name:


For alternative ways of accessing the Reveal AI Login page from inside Relativity®, please see Section 4. Integration with 3rd Parties > A. Relativity® > 7. Install and Configure NexLP Relativity® Applications


Under the new Relativity® API, Single Sign-On will not be available to users connected to RelativityOne. For these users standard login and “Alternative to Story Engine Home Tab” will be supported.

The first screen will show the Storybook selection table, as well as the Storybook switcher in the upper left next to the Reveal Flyout Menu.


Access the System Administration screen at any time from the menu under your name in the top navigation bar.


Once in the System Administration screens, you will be able to navigate within three sections shown in the left side bar: