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Reveal Review Publication


The Production module is used to collect, number, stamp and package reviewed and coded documents to prepare for delivery to counsel. It is also used to export documents from Reveal. The Productions area is accessed through Project Admin on the Flyout Menu. 

Consider making a standard production template for your case that can be used to generate future production jobs to ensure consistent productions.

Workflow for Production Jobs

In order to produce or export documents, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Review and tag documents under provided Tag Profile categories (e.g., Responsiveness, Privilege, Confidentiality).

  2. Place the production documents into a Work Folder (see Work Folders - Storing and Categorizing Your Documents).

  3. Create a production job.

  4. Preprocess the production job and review any errors that occur.

  5. Run the production job.

  6. Export the results.

  7. A final option is to use the Database Update function, which allows you to add copies of the produced document image set and any associated production bates number information to your project database for historical record and review.

This assumes you have done all the proper Project Management quality checks that are expected prior to production, such as checking for families, inconsistent coding and tag conflicts, and gotten approval from the legal team. 

The following articles guide step you through the process to create, preprocess, export and complete a production: