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Reveal Review Publication

Create COSMIC Group

Users can add a new COSMIC Group two ways after creating or opening a storybook.

1. Applied AI Selection

Click the APPLIED AI selection in the Flyout Menu to open the COSMIC Settings page:


Click Create COSMIC Group to build a new COSMIC group:

2. Use the Models dropdown in the thread viewer under the TRAINING tab

To create a new COSMIC Group, enter the coding name for the COSMIC Group and select the Training mode. Also make sure Available in Storybook is checked.


Click Save to add this COSMIC group to the target storybook.

  • Available in Storybook: Check/uncheck this option to enable/disable the COSMIC group for the selected storybook.

  • Name: Name the COSMIC file, for example, “Relevant”.

  • Training Mode: By default, Reveal AI uses “Active Learning”. A user can switch to “Infinite Learning”. The differences between Active Learning and Infinite Learning are subtle, but powerful.

    • In COSMIC Active Learning, the goal is to train the classifier with as little work as possible. The COSMIC queue is curated to provide documents for review that will teach the classifier the most, limiting the overall amount of time required to train the classifier.

    • Infinite Learning is akin to Continuous Active Learning. In this case, we provide a queue of high-scoring unreviewed documents. The goal in this mode is to encourage reviewers to look at only relevant documents, and to continue review until all relevant documents are tagged by human reviewers.

The system allows users to create multiple COSMIC groups.

Once a COSMIC Group is created, it will become visible in the Thread Viewer.


With at least one COSMIC Group created, the Thread Viewer will have the COSMIC Panel now available. Your Thread Viewer should now look like this:


See Reviewing & Tagging Documents in COSMIC for more details on COSMIC Panel features.