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Exolution v7.1 Release Notes


New Features
  • Added support for partial redaction of cells/comments/textboxes of Excel files from Global search.

  • Added an option to load documents from a directory and its subdirectories without creating a zip file.

  • Added an option to delete ReviewSet with or without documents.

  • Added an option to delete documents based on selection of DocIDs.

  • Added a provision to get user confirmation before deleting documents with redactions.

  • Added support for ODS (OpenOffice Spreadsheet) and ODT (OpenOffice Word Processor).

  • Created login exe installer with built-in VC++ redistributable bundled into the installation.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed application crash when user try to automatically create ReviewSets.

  • Fixed application freeze when user try to delete all redactions in PDF files.

  • Fixed redacted file export function that exported MHT files with format issue.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting large redactions in Excel files covering multiple merged cells.

  • Updated Export redacted file output by separating native files, fulltext and, reference files.

  • Improved redaction collision detection.

  • Improved redaction collision handling during the export process.

  • Improved handling of large and complex redactions that was resulting in very large redacted files and taking a very long time to export.

Known issues
  • Convert to Black & White is not working for MS office file types.

  • Global search redacts the entire word in MS office documents when partial word is matched.

  • User screen freezes when redacted file export process is running.

  • UK license covers MS-Office and PDF file support. Ireland and the USA licenses don’t include those file types.