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Reveal Review Publication


A Company is required to create a new project. Creating a Company must be done here; managing a Company can be done here or in the Reveal Review web environment under Company Admin > Companies.

After selecting the Companies link in the Instance Setup Pane, the Companies tab appears in the work area. All existing Companies are listed in the top window. All Users are created under the Company, so there are sub-tabs under Companies to view Users By Company or Companies By User; in the illustration below showing the sub-tab Companies By User the Select User field show "No User (All Companies)".

Creating a Company

The Add New tab is the default tab, with only the minimum required field of Company Name showing.

  • You may optionally Upload a Logo for the company and preview it. All uploaded Logos are listed under the Logos menu link under the Instance Setup pane.

  • Choose the Additional Information button to fill out additional contact details if desired.

  • Choose Insert to complete the Company creation.

Editing A Company

To edit a company:

  1. Click on the Companies link.

  2. Select the company from the list of companies. and the Edit/Delete tab below becomes active.

  3. Make any edits to the desired fields.

  4. Choose Update to complete the changes.